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Deep Copying and Deleting

When you copy or delete a record, you can use the Deep user properties to propagate the change to child business components. For example, you can arrange to copy the detail records of a child business component from the original record to the new copied record of the parent business component.

For purposes of these user properties, the application checks the following sources in the order given to determine the parent/child link to use:

  • If the parent and child are the same business component, then the relationship must be defined by the Recursive Link user property set on the business component. The link that the Recursive Link user property specifies is used to determine child records.

    See also Recursive Link.

  • If the Deep Copy/Delete Link user property is set on the current (parent) business component, then the link that the Deep Copy/Delete Link user property specifies to the child business component is used.

    See also Deep Copy/Delete Link.

  • If the parent and child business components are of the same Siebel object, and the parent is the primary business component in the business object, then the application looks up the link listed for the parent to the child, if one exists. If the link exists, then it is listed by choosing Siebel Tools Object Explorer > Business Object > Business Object Component. Under the applicable business object, the link displays in the Link column for the child business component in the Business Object Components list.
  • If none of the sources mentioned in this list provides a link between the parent and child business components, then the application determines whether a link named parent business component/child business component exists (for example, Opportunity/Revenue). If such a link exists, then the application uses that link.

These rules for determining parent/child links are also applied by the following business component user properties:

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