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Deep Copy/Delete Link

The Link object defines a one-to-many parent/child relationship between two business components. The Deep Copy/Delete Link user property is set on the parent business component to specify the link to use for deep copies and deep deletes of the child business component named in Deep Copy/Delete Link.

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For information about the Link object type, see Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications.


Deep Copy/Delete Link: Buscomp



This parameter is the name of a business component for which:

  • The business component is the child in a link for which the current business component is the parent, and
  • Deep Copy or Deep Delete user properties are set on the current (parent) business component.

This is an optional parameter. Use it when links must be specified for more than one business component.


The value of this business component user property must be the name of a link between the current (parent) business component and the child business component specified by the Buscomp parameter.


For example, to specify a link to apply to deep copying or deep deleting of the revenues associated with an opportunity, add the user property Deep Copy/Delete Link: Revenue with value Opportunity/Revenue to the Opportunity business component. Opportunity is the parent and Revenue is the child business component of the Opportunity/Revenue link.

You can inactivate or modify the values for this user property. You can also create new instances of this user property.

CAUTION:  Before you inactivate any predefined instances of this user property in a production environment, do thorough planning and testing to confirm that the child records that are to be no longer copied or deleted are those you intended, and that records of other business components related to those child records are not adversely affected.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Copying and deleting records

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