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Deep Copy n

This user property allows you to specify a child business component that should be copied when a user selects the Copy option.

See also Deep Copy/Delete Link.


The value for the Deep Copy n user property must be the name of a child business component for which a parent/child link is defined in one of the ways described in Deep Copying and Deleting.


The Deep Copy n user property allows child business components and their respective child business components to be copied automatically when selecting the Copy option. Normally, the Copy option only copies one level. This feature allows multiple levels to be copied like a cascade copy.

To use Deep Copy, do the following:

  1. In the parent business component, create a user property for each child business component to be included in the deep copy. The child business component user properties are:

    Name: Deep Copy 1
    Value: [Child BusComp Name]

    Name: Deep Copy 2
    Value: [Child BusComp Name]

  2. Add a multivalue link in the parent business component for each child business component.
  3. Create a multivalue field in the parent business component from each child business component.
  4. Set the Field No Copy attribute in the multivalue link to TRUE to avoid the SQL error "A Duplicate Record Exists" occuring.

Each business component in the Deep Copy chain takes care of its own children. The parent business component has Deep Copy properties for each of its direct children, and each child business component has Deep Copy properties for each of the relevant grandchildren.

There is an analogous Deep Delete user property to do a deep cascade delete. Typically, use Deep Copy and Deep Delete together.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Copying records

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