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Screens Menu

The Screens menu is empty unless you log on to Siebel Tools as a system administrator. If you have system administrator rights, the options described in Table 6 appear.

Table 6.  Screens Menu Options

Application Upgrader

Application Upgrade Attribute List

The Application Upgrades and Attribute Differences lists appear in the Object List Editor.

Application Upgrade Database Version

For internal use by Siebel Systems.

Application Upgrade Object List

The Application Upgrades, Object Differences, and Attribute Differences lists appear in the Object List Editor.

System Administration

List of Values

Displays lists of values in the development database.


Siebel Systems internal use only

System Preferences

Displays system preferences in the Object List Editor. This information is similar to the System Administrator View available from the Application Administration Screen in Siebel eBusiness Applications.

System Preferences is used by the src\server\sfs\common\locate_fulfill\cssconfigagent.cpp file. The system preference is used by fulfillment and part locator engines for cleaning the rows in a temporary table that is shared by the client and server components. The parameter is only used when you want to clean up the temporary table. In that case, you must explicitly submit a CleanUp request to fulfillment/part locator engines.

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