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Go Menu

The Go menu contains options for moving through a records list. Primarily, you use the Go menu to create and navigate to bookmarks, which flag objects for easy return navigation. Bookmarks are a helpful navigation aid, allowing you to move around among the objects of different types you are working on. Table 7 describes the Go menu options.

Table 7.  Go Menu Options


Returns to the previously displayed screen.


Returns to subsequently displayed screen.

Previous Record

Goes to the objects above the current selection.

Next Record

Goes to the objects below the current selection.

First Record

Goes to the first objects in the list.

Last Record

Goes to the last objects in the list.

Add Bookmark

Invokes the Add Bookmark dialog box, for creation of a bookmark to the currently selected objects.

Bookmark List

Opens the Bookmarks dialog box, for selection of an existing bookmark to navigate to. You can also use this dialog box to rename or delete existing bookmarks.

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