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Guidelines for Check Out and Check In

Before checking out or checking in projects or objects, consider the following:

  • Password encryption interferes with check out. If you are checking out projects, you need to disable password encryption in the client or CFG file when running Siebel Tools.
  • You check out projects and objects in the current Siebel Tools language mode only. For more information, see Selecting a Language Mode.
  • The sample database, unlike a local database, cannot receive checked-out objects, and its objects cannot be checked in to the server database. The sample database is strictly for instructional use.
  • Objects must be checked out and checked in to the server database from which the local database was extracted.
  • Before doing a check-in, make sure that the projects and objects you are checking in are in a stable state, that all dependent scripting is complete, and the configuration has been tested against your local repository.
  • Check in all dependent projects and objects at the same time to be sure that the configuration on the server remains consistent.

    For example, if you create a new Pick List object in the Pick List project and reference that object in your Oppty project, check in both projects to the server at the same time.

  • Consider the timing of your check-in and its effect on the work of other developers.

CAUTION:  Depending on the size of the project, the check-in process might require some time. Do not interrupt the process, as doing so can leave your repository in an unstable state. If for any reason the check-in process is interrupted, you must perform it again to complete any unfinished tasks and unlock the projects on the server.

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