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About the Project Check Out Dialog Box

The Check Out dialog box lists projects available for check out. It does not list individual objects within projects. Figure 14 shows an example of the Project Check Out dialog box.

Figure 14.  Example Check Out Dialog Box
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Table 22 describes each user interface element of the dialog box.

Table 22.  Project Check Out Dialog Box User Interface Elements

Repository drop-down list

Available repositories on the server. The list of projects in the projects list reflects the list of projects in the selected server repository. If you select a different server repository from the one currently open in Siebel Tools locally, a warning appears, and you must either get all projects or change the repository selection.

Projects list


Displays the name of each project in the server repository.



A value of Yes appears if the server Locked By and Locked Date are different from the client version, indicating that your version of the project is out of sync with the server's version.

Server Locked By


Logon ID of the developer who currently has this project checked out on the server.

Server Locked Date

Date of check out.

Client Locked By

Logon ID of the developer who currently has this project locked locally.

Client Language

The language of the project currently locked on the client. Only one language can be locked at one time.

Option buttons

Selected projects

When this option button is selected, you can select individual projects to check out or get.

All projects

When this option button is checked, all projects in the repository are selected to check out or get.

Updated projects

When this option button is active, only projects with an Updated value of Yes are selected. This allows you to check out or get only those projects on the server that are new or different from corresponding projects in the local repository. Normally you perform a get to bring your local repository up to date.

Get locale specific data only check box


Checking this box gets string translations and locale-specific attributes being stored in the locale objects only. It does not get data stored in the locale object's parent object.



Selected projects are copied to the local repository, replacing pre-existing versions there, but not locking them on the server. You can get any projects on the server, including those locked by others.

Check Out

Copies all objects in the selected projects to the local repository and locks them on the server (and client).

You cannot check out projects that are currently locked on the server by another user


Opens the Development Tools Options dialog box with the Check In/Out tab selected. This is the same dialog box that appears when you choose Tools > Options.


Cancels the check out and closes the Check Out dialog box.

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