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Directory Server Support for Trusted Auto-Login in Siebel Wireless

Trusted Auto-Login refers to automatic login of both the user name and password. When the Siebel Wireless Auto Login feature is enabled and a user attempts to log in to a Siebel Wireless application with a particular device for the first time, the user is requested to log in to the Siebel Wireless application using a standard Siebel user name and password.

If this initial login is successful, a second entry is created in the directory server to contain the Auto Login information for that user's particular device. The Auto Login feature uses this device entry in the directory server to log in the user's device to Siebel Wireless applications.

Support for the Auto Login feature requires the use of external authentication through a Siebel Security Adapter. Configure the Siebel-provided LDAP and ADSI Security Adapters to use the Adapter Define Username feature as described in Siebel Wireless Auto Login Parameters.

Siebel Wireless Auto Login Parameters

The Siebel Wireless Auto Login feature requires setting the following parameters as listed in each of the Siebel Wireless server configuration files for which you enable Auto Login. List this information in the configuration file section appropriate to the security adapter you are using, that is [LDAP]:

  • UseAdapterUsername = TRUE

    NOTE:  You can only use the Siebel Wireless Auto Login feature in conjunction with Security Adapters that support setting the UseAdapterUsername parameter to TRUE.

  • SiebelUsernameAttributeType = displayname
  • UsernameAttributeType = Description

    NOTE:  You can use other attributes than displayname and Description if desired, or if required by the security adapter. If you choose other attributes, these must be consistent with required entries in the directory server. Because you will create records based on these attributes in the directory server, these attributes should not be changed once they are put into use. If they are changed, records created using previous attributes will be unusable by the Auto Login feature.

An example of all entries required in the Wireless server configuration files to support Auto Login when using an LDAP security adapter is as follows:



DllName = sscfldap.dll (for windows (for UNIX)
ServerName = <>
Port = <server port no., e.g., 389>
BaseDN = "ou=People,"
SharedCredentialsDN =
UsernameAttributeType = Description
PasswordAttributeType = userPassword
CredentialsAttributeType = mail
RolesAttributeType = roles
SslDatabase =
ApplicationUser =
ApplicationPassword =
EncryptApplicationPassword = FALSE
EncryptCredentialsPassword = FALSE
SingleSignOn = FALSE
TrustToken =
UseAdapterUserName = TRUE
SiebelUsernameAttributeType = displayname
; UseRemoteConfig =

Directory Server Entries

Additionally, Table 4 lists the directory server entries and attributes you must create for each Siebel Wireless user using the Auto Login feature. You must add each of these users to the Directory Administrators group.

Table 4. Directory Server Entries
Attribute Name


<Siebel user name>

Email Address

username=<Siebel anonymous user name> password=<anonymous user's password>


<Siebel user name>


<Siebel user name>


<Siebel user password>

Setting Auto Login Component Parameter Values

Finally, for each server component representing a Siebel Wireless application for which Auto Login is enabled, set the following component parameter values through the Administration - Server Configuration screen > Servers view > Parameters tab.

  • The Current Value of the OM - Username BC Field server component parameter must be set to Login Name.
  • The Current Value of the Security Adapter Name server component parameter must be set to LDAP or as appropriate for the security adapter being used.
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