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Using Siebel Email Response Workflow Processes

To use a workflow process, you specify the Workflow Process Manager business service and RunProcess method in your response group and the workflow process name in the ProcessName input argument of your response group.

The following terms appear frequently in the workflow processes used for Siebel Email Response:

  • New message. A new email work item entering the Siebel Email Response workflow for the first time. The message will not have a thread ID.
  • Follow-up message. An email work item that has a thread ID.
  • Decision point. The place in a workflow process at which a work item branches to other steps depending on a set of conditions. It includes possible branches for that point in the business process. Each branch consists of one or more conditions that must be met for a work item to follow that branch. There can be one or more decision points in a workflow process definition.
  • Business service. An activity within a workflow process. Business services are logically linked together to create a workflow process definition.
  • Subprocess. A workflow process embedded in another workflow process as part of the workflow process definition.
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