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Processing Email With Workflow Manager

This section contains information on how Siebel Email Response works with Workflow Manager to process incoming email. It also describes two inbound email workflow processes included with Siebel Email Response, eMail Response - Process Message and eMail Response - Process Service Request. For information about how to use Siebel Business Process Designer, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

Siebel Email Response processes each inbound email message using Siebel Business Process Designer. Siebel Business Process Designer is also used for user interface operations. Understanding Siebel Business Process Designer and the way Siebel Email Response uses it is critical to a successful deployment. It is strongly recommended that you learn the basics of Siebel Business Process Designer before implementing Siebel Email Response.

Siebel Email Response includes a few preconfigured workflows that route email messages to the right agent at the right time. Preconfigured workflows must be activated before they can be used. For instructions, see Activating Workflow Processes.

The following procedure describes how to see a list of the preconfigured Siebel Email Response workflows.

To see a list of preconfigured Siebel Email Response workflows

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Business Process > Workflow Processes.
  2. In the Workflow Processes list, perform a query for eMail Response with a status of Completed.

You can use Siebel Business Process Designer with Siebel Assignment Manager, Siebel Universal Queuing, or a third-party universal queuing application to further automate your email interactions. No matter which routing method you use, it sets the Owned By field in the Activity record, so that the agent can view the email on the agent's My Communications screen. You can find detailed instructions for these applications in the following guides:

  • Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide
  • Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide
  • Siebel Universal Queuing Administration Guide
Siebel Email Response Administration Guide