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Using Preconfigured Siebel Email Response Workflow Processes

Siebel Systems provides the following two types of workflow processes with Siebel Email Response:

  • Message processing workflows. Executed by the Communications Inbound Processor server component as each inbound message is received. The following are the primary message processing workflows:
  • User interface workflows. Executed each time an agent clicks specified buttons in Siebel Email Response. The following are the primary user interface workflows:

Message processing and user interface workflows can call subprocesses to accomplish subtasks. You can use Siebel Business Process Designer to customize preconfigured workflows or design new ones.

CAUTION:  If you use scripts to customize Siebel Email Response workflows, do not attach any scripts to the BusComp_WriteRecord event. This might result in the script being executed more than once because a single process may write to a record multiple times. For more information on scripting, see Siebel Tools Online Help.

This chapter provides an overview of each workflow process, describing the most frequently modified processes or steps in these processes. For information about Siebel Email Response business services, methods, and input arguments, see Siebel Email Response and Business Services.

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