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Resolving Nonreal-Time Processing Problems

The following procedure describes how to resolve some of the common nonreal-time email processing problems.

To resolve nonreal-time processing problems

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Communications Inbound Events.
  2. In the Communications Inbound Events list, examine the fields to help determine the source of the problem as described in Table 11.
    Table 11.  Communications Inbound Events Fields
    Possible Cause

    SRM Request Id


    • If null, could be a problem in the Communications Inbound Receiver.
    • If not null, could be a problem in the Communications Inbound Processor.


    • Queued
    • CIP Processing
    • Error
    • CIP Fatal

    A value of Queued or CIP Processing means there is no problem with the email processing. A value of Error or CIP Fatal means the email was not processed.

    Processing/Receiving Siebel Server

    Siebel Server Name

    If the Siebel Server Name is in the Receiving Siebel Server field, then the Communications Inbound Processor has received the event.

    Activity ID


    If the Activity Id is not null, the error may be in one of the steps in the workflow after creating the activity.



    Use the DriverTrackID to find the location of the error in the log files.

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