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Resolving Response Group Issues

The following list describes possible solutions to the problem of not seeing a reply to an inbound email after setting up and starting a response group.

  • Check the <server>/bin directory to see whether there is any POP3SMTP*.log.
  • Check the log file with the closest timestamp to the time the error occurred and see whether there is an obvious error on the POP3 side.
    • Set up an POP3 email account in Microsoft Outlook using the same profile information and perform a test to see if you are using good information.
    • Check if the server can actually see your email server. Test which users on the mailing list are current by sending an email to the mailing list asking for a response.
    • Use an IP address instead of a hostname.
  • Perform an F9 Send Mail from a contact and see if you could see the outbound email. If you see a complaint about the Communication Outbound Manager not being defined, perform a Batch Component Synchronization. For information on performing this procedure, see Synchronizing Batch Components.
  • From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Server Job > My Job to see if a Communications Outbound Manager request has been created. Examine the record to determine the status of the request. If Status = Queued, then the request has been created and is waiting for Communications Outbound Manager to pick it up. If Status = Active, then the Communications Outbound Manager is executing it. If the Status = Error, then you need to determine what type of error occurred.
  • If you are using nonreal-time email processing, the processing of emails is done by the Communications Inbound Processor. Navigate to the Administration - Communication > Communication Inbound view and check the status of the email. Each inbound email processed in nonreal-time mode will have an entry if the processing has either not started or has resulted in an error.
  • Choose Navigate > Site Map > Server Job > My Job and check if there is a Communications Outbound Manager server job that resulted in an error.
  • If everything seems to correct, you need to determine if the email is actually reaching the email server. To do this, login to the POP3 email server and check the following:
    • telnet <emailserver> pop3
    • +OK Microsoft Exchange 2000 POP3 server version 6.0.4417.0 ( ready.
    • user qatest99

      NOTE:  You will not see what you type.

    • +OK
    • pass resource
    • +OK User successfully logged on.
    • stat
    • +OK 0 0

      NOTE:  This indicates no pending emails. The first 0 is the number of messages. The second 0 is total size of all messages.

    • quit
  • If there are emails in your POP3 email server but your Siebel application email POP3 driver is not picking them up, set the POP3 driver to LogDebug=True and resubmit the profile changes. After this parameter, a log file named pop3smptXXXXX.log will be generated. Check the log file to see if there are any errors.

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