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Siebel Search Parameters

If you install Hummingbird after installing your Siebel Server, you will need to manually modify server parameters.

Table 4 shows the Siebel Search Parameters and display names, and provides a definition for each. Typically, you will not need to modify these parameters. They are configured at the time of installation by the Siebel Installation Wizard if Hummingbird is installed before you installed the Siebel Server. However, if you install Hummingbird after the Siebel Server installation, you will have to manually set some of these parameters. If you need to access these parameters, they can be accessed in the configuration files or in the name server shared memory.

The SearchDefName is different from other parameters because it is an enterprise level parameter in the Siebel Server. See To view or modify the SearchDefName parameter for information.

To access the parameters on the server

  1. Navigate to Server Administration > Servers.
  2. Click the Server Parameters view tab.
  3. Retrieve or modify these parameters.

To view or modify the SearchDefName parameter

  1. Navigate to Server Administration > Enterprise Configuration.
  2. Click the Component Definitions view tab.
  3. Select a component in the Enterprise Configuration screen.
  4. For example, Call Center Object Manager.

  5. Query for Search - Definition Name in the Component Definition View.
  6. This will allow you to see the Search Definition for the chosen component. This definition will be used for all servers in the current enterprise.

To access these parameters on the dedicated or mobile Web client you go to the configuration files. For example, in the bin\enu\uagent.cfg file for the Call Center application, you will see these parameters under the [SIEBEL] section.

NOTE:  The display name appears in the Server Administration Screen in the Siebel Server.

Table 4. Siebel Search Parameters
Siebel Parameter
Display Name
Parameter Definition
Search- Engine Name
The Search Engine name. In the case of Version 7.5, the Search Engine definition is Fulcrum.
Search- Definition Name
Identifies a group of search categories that can be searched against. Each Siebel application (for example, Call Center or eService) comes configured with a predefined search definition. The search definition is specified in the application.cfg file or name server and is used at runtime to load the appropriate search categories.
Search- Install Directory
The directory where Fulcrum is located. For example: C:\PROGRAM FILES\FULCRUM.
Search- Remote Server
This parameter must be set to FALSE to allow administration work on any of the Fulcrum search indices. Setting this parameter to TRUE allows Remote Searching.
Search- Remote Server path
The machine and the port number that enables connectivity to the Remote Search Server. For example: searchserver/tcp2048.

NOTE:  To view or modify the remaining four parameters, navigate to Server Administration > Servers > Server Parameters. These parameters are not enterprise level parameters; therefore two servers in the enterprise may have different values. For example, in order to share the same enterprise information you install two Siebel Servers on two different machines, then you can choose to have different Hummingbird installation directories. In this case, the directory SearchInstallDir will have different values.

 Siebel Search Administration Guide, Version 7.5, Rev A 
 Published: 18 April 2003