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Example of Creating a Program Argument

The following is an example of adding a new a workflow policy program argument, in this case, Send Opportunity Email. The current recipients of type relative are limited to the Primary Sales representative. You want to add a relative for Primary Contact. This allows policy makers to create an action that sends an email to the Primary Contact for an opportunity.

To add an alternative Send to Relative to the Send Opportunity Email program

  1. In Siebel Tools, choose Workflow Policy Program > Send Opportunity Email > Workflow Policy Program applet.
  2. NOTE:  To create a new workflow policy program argument for Send Opportunity Email, check the existing program arguments and make sure that the Send to Relative program argument exists.

  3. Create a new record, Primary Contact.
  4. NOTE:  When creating new program arguments, they cannot have the same name as a SQL Statement Output or the Workflow Monitor Agent server task will hang with the message "Examining request for policy..." when inserting a record.

  5. Bring down the box under Default Value and create your SQL statement. For example:
  6. select O.PR_CON_ID, 'Send to Contact'
    from &Table_Owner.S_OPTY O
    where O.ROW_ID=?

    NOTE:  SQL statements are database vendor-specific. Use an external SQL tool to build and test your statements. When the test works, copy the statement into the field.

  7. Select Workflow Relative Type Picklist in the PickList field.
  8. This picklist describes this argument as a relative.

    The Visible field is checked. The changed field becomes checked when you create a new program argument.

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide 
 Published: 29 May 2003