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Defining a Workflow Policy Program

A workflow policy program is a generic event that actions are based on. You define a program by defining the workflow policy event.

CAUTION:  Do not rename or change the name of an existing workflow policy program. If you do so, you will lose all the actions created for the program.

When creating a workflow policy program that inserts new records, you must determine and provide the minimum field values that constitute a valid record as defined in the repository for the table:

For more information, see Siebel Data Model Reference.

Siebel Systems recommends that when you want to define a new workflow policy program that you copy an existing program that is similar to what you need and then modify the copy to suit your specific business needs. The advantage to using this method is that if something goes wrong with your customized program, you can always start over with the original existing program. Additionally, modifying a copy of an existing program is less error-prone that creating an entirely new program.

CAUTION:  Thoroughly test any SQL queries that you plan to use with customized policy programs. Be aware that if the SQL statement fails to find rows, the workflow policies action is unable to process any tokens.

To create a workflow policy program

  1. In Siebel Tools, choose Program.
  2. Select an existing program that is similar to what you need for the new workflow policy program.
  3. Click the right mouse button and choose Copy Record. This copies the entire program including the program arguments.
  4. Modify the appropriate fields, such as Workflow Object, to meet the needs of the new program.
  5. Define the program arguments.
  6. Enter the arguments carefully to make sure capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and so on are correct:

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 Published: 29 May 2003