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Creating a View Template for Dynamic Applets

Creating a view template involves first creating views and applets based on specialized applet classes within Siebel Tools. These views and applets contain placeholder fields. Placeholder fields are applet controls that are not mapped to any particular business component. The views and applets will then form the basis of view templates and applet templates. A single view and applet template can be used to create any number of dynamic applets.

Two templates are provided as part of seed data: a view template containing a list applet template, and a view template containing a form applet template. The view templates are named as follows:

For more information about creating views and templates within Siebel Tools, see Siebel Tools Reference.

When creating dynamic applets in Siebel Tools, note the considerations listed below. (Use of the word "applet" in the bullets below refers to applets created in Siebel Tools.)

Once the views and applets have been created in Siebel Tools, in order to define them as view templates and applet templates, they must be added to the Template Definition view.

To add views and applets to the Template Definition view

  1. Navigate to Site Map > Finance Administration > Dynamic Applet Administration.
  2. Click the Template Definition tab.
  3. In the Template Definition applet, click New, and then enter the view name.
  4. In the Applet Template Definition applet, click New, and then enter the applet name.

Dynamic UI Service Methods

The Dynamic UI Service business service methods are described in Table 104

Table 104. Dynamic UI Service Methods
Description / Arguments
Set View Name
Input Arguments:
AddRecord (optional)
Overrides the default search specification value.
Input Arguments:
  • Business Component Name (Required): The name of the source business component.
  • Object ID (Required): The row ID of the business component.


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 Published: 22 May 2003