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Workflow Processes Administration Overview

Workflow Processes can vary from a simple process such as entering a product order to a complex process such as managing call center workflow. Complex processes can comprise multiple smaller processes.

Workflow Processes Views

Workflow Processes are administered through the Siebel Business Process Designer on the Siebel Client. Instructions for accessing and using the Workflow Processes views are in Designing Workflow Processes.

Using Workflow Processes

Workflow processes can be invoked from events in the Siebel application or from external systems. Within the Siebel application, a process can be invoked from a workflow policy, a runtime event (such as an insert of a record or a button click), or a server component.

From an external system, processes can be invoked using COM or CORBA. Procedures for invoking a workflow process are in Running Workflow Processes.

Sample Workflow Process Scenarios

To help you understand how Workflow Processes works, see the usage scenarios Scenario 1: New Service Request and Scenario 2: New Lead. You can view the sample scenarios in detail by connecting to the sample database installed during your Siebel Client installation.

To access the sample database

  1. Launch Siebel Call Center.
  2. Enter sadmin/sadmin as the username and password.
  3. Select Sample in the Connect to dialog box.
  4. Navigate to the Workflow Processes screen.
  5. From the Show drop-down list, click All Processes.
Scenario 1: New Service Request

ABC Computing defines its business process for a new service request with Workflow Processes. The diagram demonstrates the steps and decision points involved when a new service request comes into the organization. The steps and decision points are displayed in the diagram in such a way that the flow of the work is clear.

Each step is interpreted as follows:

Scenario 2: New Lead

WYZ Computing defines its business process for creating a new lead with Workflow Processes. The process calls Assignment Manager to assign a lead and contains subprocess steps for High Quality Leads and Low Quality Leads.

The subprocess steps are interpreted as follows:

 Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide for Financial Services 
 Published: 22 May 2003