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Displaying Applet Titles

The applet title is the value in the Title property. It determines what displays in the tab at the upper left of an applet in a view, or in the title bar of a pop-up applet. Follow these general guidelines when creating applet titles:

Table 9 offers standard conventions for the titles of certain applet types.

Table 9. Title Conventions for Applets
Type of Applet
Title Format
Association applets
Add buscomp_name(s)
Add Opportunities
Multi-value group applets
Pick applets
Pick buscomp_name(s)
Pick Product
List applets
buscomp_name List
Account List
Form applets
buscomp_name Form
buscomp_name Entry
Account Form
Account Entry
Chart applets
Xxx Analysis
Xxx by Yyy
Open Defect Analysis
Lead Quality By Campaign
Tree applets

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 Published: 18 April 2003