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Creating Objects

At times, you are required to create a new object — for example, when copying a view to make a read-only version of it for a specific responsibility, or when copying an applet that is used by one group of users and removing list columns to meet a requirement for a different group of users. In these cases, copy an existing object and make the necessary additions. If you want to upgrade the object, you need to specify the Upgrade Ancestry property for all of the relevant business components and applets. This strategy saves development time and makes it easier to set the relevant properties for that object type.

When creating objects, you must proceed in a particular order. This helps you make sure the correct values for all required properties are available as options. For example, you should create business components and related links before creating a business object as shown in Figure 1. You should create all your data manipulation objects before your presentation objects.

Figure 1. Creating Objects Using a Bottom Up Approach

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 Published: 18 April 2003