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Naming Conventions

Table 2 lists the naming conventions you should use when configuring your Siebel application.

Table 2. Naming Conventions for Siebel Configurations
For any new object you create (top-level or child), prefix the name with the company name (or its acronym). For example, if you are creating a new Hobby business component for ABC Corporation, name it ABC Hobby. Similarly, if you are creating a new Description field in the standard Account business component, name it ABC Description. Also consider putting the three-letter acronym at the end of the name instead of the beginning. This convention allows you to search for custom objects by acronym but still see related objects sorted together, such as Approval Authority and Approval Authority Code - XYZ.
The only exception to this standard is that when you add a new child object to a parent object that already has a prefix, there is no need to add it again at the child level. For example, if you are adding a Description field to the ABC Hobby business component, name it Description instead of ABC Description.
Most object names (except applets) should be singular and not plural.
  • Avoid special characters like slashes, parentheses, periods, and so on in object names (except for slashes in link names). The "#" (number sign) character is a valid character.
  • Avoid prepositions in object names—for example, use # Weeks or just Weeks instead of Number of Weeks.
  • Avoid the word Amount in the names of currency fields—for example, use Revenue instead of Revenue Amount.
Use the convention <parentBusComp>/<childBusComp>. By default, the name for new links is set to this format but you can override the default name.
When adding a new join to an existing standard business component, always give it an alias and make sure the alias is prefixed with the company name or acronym.
Foreign Key Fields
These fields should have a name like <Entity> Id. If the foreign key is serving as a primary pointer, it should have a name like Primary <Entity> Id. For a primary pointer to an entity that is already prefixed, prefix the foreign key field with the company name or acronym (as usual), but do not include the prefix in the <Entity> name. For example, a primary pointer to the ABC Subsegment business component would be named ABC Primary Subsegment Id, instead of Primary ABC Subsegment Id or ABC Primary ABC Subsegment Id.
New LOV_TYPE in List of Values
Prefix with the company name or acronym.
Form applets and Profile applets
Titles should be singular.
List applets and MVG applets
Titles should be plural.
Associate applets
Titles should be in the format Add <entities>, where <entities> is plural.
Pick applets
The titles should be in the format Pick <entity>, where <entity> is singular.

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 Published: 18 April 2003