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Multivalue Link Underlying Multivalue Groups

The way a multivalue link (MVL) underlying a multivalue group (MVG) is configured has a major impact on an application's performance. Whenever possible, configure an MVL underlying an MVG displayed in a list applet to use a primary join. To use a primary join, set the following attributes:

<fieldname from parent business component>

The field specified in the PrimaryIdField property stores the ROW_ID of the primary child record. If there is no child record, or the primary child record has not been defined, then the primary ID field stores the value as No Match Row Id.

The parent business component of a multi-value link is usually the same as the business component in which the MVL is defined. However, by using the SrcField property of the multi-value link object, you can create an MVL whose parent business component is related to the current business component indirectly through a join or through another MVL.

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 Published: 18 April 2003