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Indirect Multivalue Links

Every multivalue link in Siebel eBusiness applications is based on an underlying link object, whose name is specified by the MVL's DestLink property. Every link, in turn, defines a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship between two business components. Typically, the business component in which an MVL is defined is the same as the parent business component of the underlying link on which the MVL is based.

For example, consider the business address multivalue link in the Account business component:

[Multivalue link]

DestBusComp = Business Address

DestLink = Account/Business Address

PrimaryIdField = Primary Address Id

CheckNoMatch = TRUE

PopupUpdOnly = TRUE

NoCopy = TRUE

The DestLink property indicates that this MVL is based on the Account/Business Adress link, which is itself defined (in Link.odf) as:


Name = Account/Business Address

ParentBusComp = Account

ChildBusComp = Business Address

DestField = Account Id

CascadeDelete = Delete

Note that the ParentBusComp of this link is the Account business component, which is also the business component in which the MVL has been defined. So, in this typical MVL configuration, the multi-value group is populated with all of the children Business Address records for whichever account is currently selected in the Account business component.

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 Published: 18 April 2003