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Configuring Automatic Email Notification

Siebel eEvents Manager for Finance is designed to send the following kinds of email messages:

In order for these messages to be sent automatically, Siebel eEvents Manager for Finance must be configured to work with Siebel Business Process Designer and Siebel Communication Server. The general process for setting up automatic email notification for eEvents Manager for Finance is described below. For more detailed information about creating communications profiles, restarting servers, and working with workflow policies and processes, see Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide and Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide for Financial Services.

Note that this process depends upon a correct email address being included in the Contact information for each person registered. For more detailed information about setting up automatic email notification, see Siebel eMail Response Administration Guide.

NOTE:  This procedure assumes that you have already activated the Siebel eSales workflow processes needed for proper operation of the Shopping Cart.

To set up automatic email notification

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View >Site Map >Business Process Administration >Workflow Policies and set an Activation Date and Expiration Date for each of the following policies:

NOTE:  For each Activation Date value, use a date that is earlier than the current date. Use an Expiration Date that is later than the current date.

  1. From Show drop-down list, choose Workflow Processes and activate the following processes:
  2. Restart your Siebel Server and Gateway Server.
  3. From the application-level menu, choose View >Site Map >Communications Administration > Communications Drivers and Profiles, and then set up a profile for a supported mail server (such as an Internet SMTP/POP3 server), including appropriate specifications for Profile Parameter Overrides.
  4. For an Internet SMTP/POP3 mail server such as Microsoft Exchange 5.5, iPlanet Solaris, SendMail, Hermes, or Lotus Notes, parameter overrides should include entries for the following parameters:

  5. For each of the following templates, navigate to Communications Administration > All Templates, select the template, click the Advanced view tab, and use the Delivery Profile field to specify the profile you created in Step 4.
  6. For each of the templates in Step 5, specify any needed changes to the text that will appear in your email notifications.
  7. Make sure the Outbound Communication Manager component has been started.
  8. Start the Generate Triggers server task.
  9. Start the Workflow Monitor Agent server task for eEvents Group.

After email notification is properly configured, your Siebel application generates automatic email messages when event registration records have a registration status of Invited, Confirmed, or Waitlisted. Automatic email messages are not generated for session registration records. For more information about registration, including procedures for inviting and registering event attendees, see Registering for an Event.

 Siebel eEvents Management Guide for Financial Services 
 Published: 18 April 2003