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Creating Simple and Complex Products

In Siebel eHospitality, a simple product is a single component product, such as table, chair, beverage, and so on. A complex product is a group of simple products, such as menu, package, and so on. For example, a beverage is a simple product that can be part of a complex product such as a menu. Another example of a complex product is an A/V Projector that includes simple products such as an extension cord, a lens cap, and so on. This section describes how to create products within Siebel eHospitality. For more information about products, see Product Administration Guide.

Use the Product Administration screen to create simple and complex products. Use Effective Start Date and Effective End Date to denote availability of products. A product is considered discontinued if the Effective End Date has passed.

NOTE:  If you need a complex product that has different child products associated with it, you can either create a new complex product in Product Administration with the necessary child products, or you can define the event requirements using simple products instead.

However, a user can change the quantities associated with a child product in Functions > Line Items. If the minimum cardinality of a child product is set to 0 in Product Administration, then the user can, for that instance only, effectively delete that product from the complex product by setting the quantity to 0.

When you create a product, you must assign it to a product subcategory, which automatically populates the product category field. If the product is available only at one location, you may want to add that product to a catalog. For example, if the product is located in San Francisco, add it to the San Francisco Property Catalog. For more information about associating products with a catalog, see Associating Products with Catalog Categories.

The procedures involved in defining simple and complex products in Siebel eHospitality are:

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 Published: 18 April 2003