Siebel eHospitality Guide


How This Guide Is Organized

Using the Siebel Product

Revision History

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Product Overview

About Siebel eHospitality

Business Purposes of Screens in Siebel eHospitality

Purposes of Siebel eHospitality Administration Screens

Purposes of Siebel eHospitality End User Screens

Business Scenario


Specifying Information About a Pending Event

Reviewing Pending Events

Specifying Event Details

Creating Functions and Specifying Function Details

Creating Orders

Specifying Order Details

Reserving Assets

Opening the Event Check

Processing the Event Check

Generating the Invoice

Workflow Diagram: Sequence of Tasks

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Getting Started

Before Getting Started with Siebel eHospitality

Getting Started with Siebel eHospitality

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Setting Up Siebel eHospitality

Understanding Products in Siebel eHospitality

Activating Workflow Processes

Setting Up Catalogs

Creating Catalogs

Adding Categories to a Catalog

Associating Products with Catalog Categories

Setting Up Product Categories

Creating Product Categories

Creating Product Subcategories

Creating Simple and Complex Products

Creating Simple Products

Creating Complex Products

Creating Price Lists

Defining Price Lists

Associating Price Lists with Properties

Setting Up Properties

Adding Properties

Adding Rooms for Properties

Setting Up Property Teams

Associating Taxes with Properties

Setting Up Assets

Creating Assets

Associating Assets with Properties

Defining Charge Codes, Taxes, and Service Charges

Defining Charge Codes

Defining Taxes

Defining Service Charges

Associating Charge Codes, Taxes, and Service Charges

Associating Charge Codes with Product Subcategories

Associating Taxes with Charge Codes

Associating Service Charges with Charge Codes

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Using Siebel eHospitality Before Events

Using the eHospitality Home Page

Describing Pending Events

Reviewing Pending Events

Reviewing Currently Pending Events

Reviewing More Detailed Information About a Pending Event

Reviewing Information About Pending Event Functions

Accepting or Rejecting a Pending Event

Specifying Event Details

Specifying Activities

Storing Event-Related Files

Creating Functions

Adding a Function to an Event

Specifying Function Details

Working with Subfunctions

Copying a Function or Subfunction

Creating Orders

Specifying Order Details

Storing Order Notes

Specifying Function Line Items

Adjusting Line Items Prices and Other Details

Reserving Assets

Double-Booking Assets

Canceling a Function

Generating Banquet Event Order Reports

Generating Schedule of Events Reports

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Using Siebel eHospitality After Events

Understanding Orders, Checks, and Invoices

Understanding Orders

Understanding Checks

Working with Checks During Events

Creating Trial Checks

Posting Checks

Opening Event Checks

Processing Event Checks

Modifying Line Items

Creating Trial Checks

Generating Invoices

Voiding Invoices

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 Siebel eHospitality Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003