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Redirecting a Page Set to a New OMS

When a user clicks Add to Cart, the selected products are sent to the Order Management System. When you want to use different Order Management Systems for different pagesets, you must implement the InitAltOMSUrl function to specify which OMS URL each page set will access. You must complete this action in addition to setting the Use Multiple OMS property in the property editor to true.

Call the InitAltOMSUrl function from the <pageset>_x.js file in Siebel eAdvisor. This function takes one parameter (a URL) and it is at the top level of the application.



All products ordered from the pageset that use this function will be sent to the URL you supplied as a parameter.

See Siebel Interactive Designer Administration Guide for more information.

 Siebel Interactive Selling Transact Server Interface Reference 
 Published: 18 April 2003