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Setting the Transact Properties

After you install Transact, use the property editor to set the following:

Use the property editor to set any additional Transact Server properties you want to change.

To open the property editor

  1. Start WebLogic/WebSphere.
  2. Open a browser and enter the URL:
  3. http://<localhost:7001>/PropertiesEditor

You can modify the URL as needed by your installation.

Table 2 provides a description of all Transact properties you can set in the property editor.

Table 2. Transact Properties to Set in the Property Editor
What It Does
Transact Log Debug
Sets the Transact log to debug on or off. When off, errors are logged; when on, all activities are logged.
Transact Log Filename
The filename of the Transact log file. This property requires an absolute path.
Transact URL
The URL of Transact: the URL of the WebLogic server + "/SiebelTransact"
eAdvisor URL
The URL of the Siebel eAdvisor application.
Use Third Party Cart
Determines whether or not Transact is using a third-party shopping cart.
Sets the URL of the Order Management System that will accept XML from Transact. Transact posts the XML when the AddToCart function is called if the Transact Third Party Cart variable in app_config.js is set to "true."
See Redirecting a Page Set to a New OMS for information on using multiple Order Management Systems.
Transact Cart XSLT
The URL or absolute filepath of the XSLT stylesheet Transact will use to convert data to the desired XML format.
Form Post JSP Page
If you are using a third-party cart and want to use a form post, enter the name of the JSP page you are using to dynamically create the form.
SMTP Server
Sets the name of your email server from which configuration emails will be sent.
Configuration Time-Out Period
Sets the number of days after which configurations will be removed from the Configuration list.
Use Multiple OMS
Determines whether or not you are using multiple Order Management Systems. When you set this property to true, you will need to implement the InitAltOMSUrl function.
See Redirecting a Page Set to a New OMS for additional information.
Multi-OMS Redirect
If you are using multiple Order Management Systems, use this property to specify the URL to be displayed after the user clicks Add to Cart.
Email enable flag
You can turn the email flag off if you do not wish to use the email function.
Display shopping cart flag
You can turn the display shopping cart flag off to avoid shopping cart being displayed after you have executed AddToCart function.
Shopping cart opener
If you customized your shopping cart and it needs to refer to previous frame context, modify this parameter to refer to your previous frame context.
Login required action
You can specify login required actions from mar_guest_ok parameter.
AddToCart, SubmitCart, ShoppingCart.jsp, OpenPackage, ViewQuote.jsp, EmailQuote.jsp, EmailConfig.jsp, SavePackage, SaveQuote, ConfigList.jsp, QuoteList.jsp, ShoppingCart_orig.jsp, ShoppingCart_Header.jsp, ShoppingCart_Bottom.jsp, ShoppingCart_Middle.jsp
List quote database table name
The database table name for list quote action.
List package database table name
The database table name for list package action.
List quote/package database user id
The database user ID for list quote/package action.
List quote/package database user password
The database user password for list quote/package action.
List package/quote database source name
The data source name for list package/quote action.
DbSource. For WebLogic, you will need to add a line in file to indicate the data source name (WebLogic.jdbc.DataSource.SiebelDataSource=onlinkPool). For WebSphere, the data source name will be the data source name you used when you set up for Transact Server EJBs. You need to append jdbc/ in front of the data source name—for example, jdbc/SiebelDB.

NOTE:  The property editor does not check for invalid values, so be precise when you enter a property value.

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 Published: 18 April 2003