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About XSLT

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) is a language primarily designed for transforming one XML document into another. This is necessary if the application needs to communicate with other systems that accept data in XML but conform to a different DTD. For example, if you need to push your orders to a third-party Order Management System, you must convert your order documents into a format that the Order Management System can process. XSLT is used to develop conversion or mapping rules to modify the generated XML, and these rules are applied against the input XML documents to produce XML documents in the required format. The sample XSLT file provided translates an XML document that conforms to Siebel's DTD to an XML document that conforms to a cXML DTD.

Siebel provides a sample XSLT file (olcp2cXML.xsl) to convert configurations into cXML.

Figure 2 illustrates the flow of an XML document from Siebel's Transact application to a third-party Order Management System. The Order Management System can process XML only if it is in the cXML format.

Figure 2. XML to cXML Flow

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The XSLT document contains the rules defined by the style sheet developer. The XSLT processor is an engine that reads the XSLT document, applies the rules to incoming input XML documents and, as a result of applying those rules, produces an output XML document that is in cXML format. It can then be understood and processed by the third-party Order Management System. For more detailed information about XSLT, tutorials, and guides, access

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 Published: 18 April 2003