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Connecting Your Siebel Application UI to Transact

To connect the Siebel application UI to Transact, you must add buttons or links to the Siebel application and then use OnClick events to call the Transact functions.

After you add the buttons and links to the Siebel application UI, the Transact UI occurs within the Siebel UI as illustrated by Figure 1. The Transact buttons and link appear below the Acme Cars panel.

Figure 1. The Transact UI in Your Siebel Application

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For information on adding buttons and links in your Siebel application, see Siebel Interactive Designer Administration Guide.

You can use whatever kinds of links and names you choose. For example, you could use Show Cart instead of View Cart, and use a link rather than a button in your UI. For the purposes of discussing the UI in this guide, the working assumption is that the following buttons and link have been added to the application UI:

 Siebel Interactive Selling Transact Server Interface Reference 
 Published: 18 April 2003