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Setting Up Asset-Based Ordering

Asset-based ordering is available with the Siebel Customer Order Management module. Asset-based ordering has the following added features:

To set up asset-based ordering, you must perform the following tasks:

  1. Setting the Server Component Parameter. Set the server component parameter Order Management - Enable Asset Based Ordering to True
  2. Making Desired Changes to the Asset-Based Ordering Workflows. If necessary, change the asset-based order workflows to reflect your business needs.
  3. Activating the Workflows. Activate the asset-based ordering workflows in the Business Process Designer screen.

NOTE:  In addition, you may want to use Siebel Tools to disable the Delta Quote and Delta Order buttons on the Line Item applets in the Quote and Order detail screens. These buttons provide a limited form of delta quote and delta order functionality, for use when asset-based ordering is not active. With asset-based orders, users should use the Account Summary view to create delta quotes and delta orders.

Setting the Server Component Parameter

The server component parameter Order Management - Enable Asset Based Ordering must be set to True in order to use the asset-based order workflows associated with the Configure and Submit buttons.

To set the server component parameter

  1. Navigate to the Server Administration screen.
  2. Select Components in the Show drop-down.
  3. Query for the object manager for the application in which you want to use asset-based ordering. For example, you might query for Call Center Object Manager (ENU).
  4. Click the Component Parameters view tab.
  5. Query for the parameter Order Management - Enable Asset Based Ordering.
  6. Set the Current Value to True and save by stepping off the record.
  7. Perform Step 3 through Step 6 for the object manager for each application in which you want to use asset-based ordering.
  8. Restart the object managers for which you made the change.

Making Desired Changes to the Asset-Based Ordering Workflows

You can adjust the behavior of asset-based ordering by making changing workflows.

All workflows for asset-based ordering begin with the characters SIS OM. You can access all of these workflows by querying for SIS OM* in the Business Process Administration screen > Workflow Processes view.

For more information about the asset-based ordering workflows, see:

For information about customizing workflows, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

Activating the Workflows

You must activate the workflows that provide asset-based ordering features to make those features available. These are the workflows with names that begin with SIS.

To activate workflows

  1. From the application level menu, choose View > Site Map > Siebel Business Process Administration > Workflow Processes.
  2. In the Workflow Processes list, query for the workflows you want to activate.
  3. NOTE:  You can query on SIS* to find all of the asset-based ordering workflows.

  4. Activate workflows that have the status Inactive:
    1. Select the Workflow record.
    2. Click Revise.
    3. A copy of the workflow record with a status of In Progress is created and is automatically selected.

    4. Click Activate.
  5. When you are finished activating workflows, restart the server.

Turning On the Explode Capability

The explode capability ungroups multiple quantities of products when the user converts a quote to an order, so each product will become a separate asset. For example, when a customer buys twenty computers, the salesperson creates one line item in the quote for all twenty computers. When the salesperson converts the quote into an order, the order has twenty line items, one for each computer. Using asset-based ordering, an asset is automatically created for each computer.

Explode capability can be useful if:

By default, the explode capability is turned off. To turn on the explode capability, you must use Siebel Tools to change the parameters of the method CopyQuoteToOrder, which is associated with the Sales Order button. For more information about using Siebel Tools, see Siebel Tools Reference.

To turn on the explode capability

  1. In Siebel Tools, navigate to the business component Order Entry - Orders, then to the control Sales Order button, and then to the method CopyQuoteToOrder.
  2. For the method CopyQuoteToOrder, set the arguments shown in Table 5.

Table 5.  Arguments to Turn On Explode Capability
Input Argument
Param 0
Enable/Disable Explosion
Param 1
Quantity Requested
Explode on Field
Param 2
Convert To Asset Flag, Action Code
Condition Field Names
Param 3
'Y,' + LookupValue(DELTA_ACTION_CODE","New")"
Condition Values

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 Published: 18 April 2003