Siebel Order Management Guide


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Overview of Order Management

About Order Management

Setup and Use of Siebel Customer Order Management

Basic Concepts of Order Management

Basic Concepts for Asset-Based Ordering

Customer Profile

Quote and Order Concepts in Asset-Based Ordering

Workflows and Business Services for Asset-Based Ordering

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Setting Up Order Management

Product Overview

The Process of Setting Up Order Management

Setting Up Accounts and Contacts

Setting Up Salespeople

Setting Up Products, Pricing, and Catalogs

Setting Up Shipping Information

Setting Up Tax Calculations

Setting Up Payment Terms and Other Payment Factors

Setting Up Inventory Locations

Setting Up Integration and Activating Workflows

Setting Up Order Types

Defining Order Statuses

Creating Product Selection Templates

Setting Up Activity Plan Templates

Letting Users Create Quotes and Orders from Accounts and Contacts

Setting Up Availability to Promise

Customizing the Sales, Quote, and Order Processes

Setting Up Asset-Based Ordering

Summary of Lists of Values to Update

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Preparing for Integration

Integration Strategy

About Application Services Interfaces

Setting Up Quote and Order ASIs

Setting Up Web Services for Quote and Order ASIs

Activating Workflows for Quotes and Orders

About Using Third-Party Product Availability Applications

Required Setup Procedures for Checking Availability

Optional Setup Procedures for Checking Availability

About Purchase Order Credit Checking Applications

Required Setup Procedures for Checking Credit

Optional Setup Procedures for Checking Credit

ASI Workflows

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Creating a Quote or Order

Creating a Quote

Creating an Order

Common Tasks for Creating Quotes and Orders

Adding Products to a Quote or Order

Working With Line Items

Viewing and Recalculating Prices

Applying a Manual Discount

Adding Shipping Information

Calculating Shipping Charges

Calculating Taxes

Checking Availability to Promise (ATP)

Adding Payment Information

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Working with Quotes

Verifying a Quote

Updating an Opportunity from a Quote

Including Quote Items in a Forecast

Accessing An Existing Quote

Creating a Delta Quote

Creating Quote Favorites for Reuse

Revising a Quote

Converting a Quote to an Order

Converting a Quote to an Agreement

Displaying Charts to Analyze Quotes

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Working with Orders

Accessing An Existing Order

Submitting an Order

Associating an Activity Plan or Activity with an Order

Approving An Order

Monitoring an Order

Revising an Order

Processing a Return

Creating a Delta Order

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Using Asset-Based Ordering

Business Scenario for Asset-Based Ordering

Creating a Quote

Creating a Quote That Modifies an Asset

Editing Quote Line Items

Updating an Opportunity From a Quote

Converting Quotes to Orders

Editing Order Line Items

Submitting an Order

Revising a Submitted Order

Modifying the Service Profile

Deactivating an Installed Asset

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Workflows for Asset-Based Ordering

Editing Quote Line Items

Converting a Quote to an Order

Editing Order Line Items

Submitting an Order

Applying an Order to the Service Profile

Modifying the Service Profile

Redisplaying the Service Profile

Modifying a Service Item

Disconnecting a Service Item

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Business Service Methods Reference

Product Manipulation Toolkit Business Service Methods

User Properties used by PMT Methods





Explode Siebel Object

Find Orders

Logical Delete

Assign New Service IDs

Convert Product Instance

Get Instance

Get Profile Attribute

Is Fully Exploded

Is Module Licensed


Quote To Revenue

Reconfigure Product Instance


Retrieve Next Object From List

Set Action

Set Exception Error Message

Set Field Value

Set Multiple Field Values

Set Output Header

Set Product Instance

Set Profile Attribute


Update Multi Object List

Update Order Line Item Completed Flag

Get Cfg Button Click Information

Refresh Business Component

Invoke BC Method

Order Entry Toolkit Business Service Methods











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 Siebel Order Management Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003