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Searching for Potential Resources

The following procedure explains how to search for resources.

To search for resources

  1. Navigate to the Resource Requests screen.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select the appropriate view.
  3. In the Resource Requests list, select a resource request to be processed.
  4. In the More Info form, click Find Resources.
  5. A skills search is performed. Resources meeting the skills and competencies defined on the role appear in the Potential Resources view.

  6. Click the Potential Resources view tab.
  7. (Optional) Click the menu button, and then click Calc. Availability.
  8. This calculates availability for resources returned.

  9. (Optional) In the More Info form, fill in the Skill Min Score and Availability Min Score fields.
  10. (Optional) Click the menu button, and then click Apply Min Score.
  11. This applies the filters entered in Step 7 to the Potential Resources view. The Skill # Found and Availability # Found fields are populated with the number of qualified candidates. The Skill filter is applied first followed by the Availability Filter. Therefore, the Availability filter is applied to the resources left after the Skill filter is applied. The resulting list of resources are the resources which exceed both minimum scores.

  12. Click the Resources Availability view tab.
  13. This displays a graphical representation of the candidate's availability. In this Gantt chart, you can only show four concurrent assignments per person.

    NOTE:  In the Gantt chart, using the cursor hover over each colored bar to view project assignment details. Different colors are used to represent different assignment statuses in the Gantt chart.

 Siebel Professional Services Automation Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003