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Configuring Automatic Activation for VisiBroker

You should configure the CORBA Object Manager as either a manual server or an automatic server, but not both.

To configure the CORBA Object Manager for automatic activation under VisiBroker

  1. Make sure that at least one VisiBroker Smart Agent, osagent.exe, is running on the local subnet or is, at least, visible to the current server. You can do this using the VisiBroker osfind utility.
  2. For more information on the osagent and osfind utilities, see the VisiBroker documentation.

  3. Start the VisiBroker Object Activation Daemon (OAD). At a command prompt, execute:
  4. oad

    For more information on the VisiBroker Object Activation Daemon, see the VisiBroker documentation.

  5. Register the CORBA Object Manager in the implementation repository. At a command prompt execute the command:
  6. oadutil reg -I SiebelAppFactory -o objname -cpp CORBA Object Manager exe -p shared -a /n -a objname -a /c -a configfile -a /d -a datasource -a /l -a language [[-a otherarg] ...]


    objname is the object name assigned to the SiebelAppFactory object.

    configfile is the full path and name of the Object Manager configuration file; the default is siebel.cfg, located in the same directory as ssomvisi.

    datasource is the name of the data source defined in the .cfg file; the default is Server.

    language is the three-letter code for the language in which to operate; for example, enu for U.S. English.

    For example,

    oadutil reg -I SiebelAppFactory -o SiebelObjectFactory -cpp D:\sea704\corbaom\bin\ssomvisi -p shared -a /n -a SiebelObjectFactory -a /c -a corbaom.cfg -a /d -a ServerDataSrc -a /l -a ENU

    NOTE:  The objname passed as the argument to the oadutil -o option and the -a (objname) in the CORBA Object Manager arguments must match.

  7. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 for each additional CORBA Object Manager you configure on this server.
  8. NOTE:  You must provide a unique objname each time.

  9. Repeat Step 1 through Step 4 for each additional server you configure.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003