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Installing the Siebel Gateway

This chapter explains how to install and configure the Siebel Gateway on the Windows platform using the standard GUI installation method. For alternative installation methods, refer to Installing in Unattended or Console Modes.

For detailed information on the role of the Siebel Gateway within the Siebel environment, see Siebel Server Installation Overview.

The installation and configuration of the Siebel Gateway consists of several tasks. Table 8 illustrates the sequence of steps.

Table 8.  Siebel Gateway Installation and Configuration Tasks
Who Performs It?
System Administrator
  1. Verify Siebel Gateway installation prerequisites, such as TCP/IP connectivity. See Verifying Siebel Gateway Prerequisites.
  2. Install redundant disk arrays (optional). See Verifying Siebel Gateway Prerequisites.
  3. Install Siebel Gateway from SES Installer. See Installing the Siebel Gateway.
  4. Configure Siebel Gateway for operation. See Starting the Siebel Gateway Manually.
  5. Review the software installation. See Reviewing the Software Installation for Siebel Gateway.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003