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Installing a Redundant Disk Array on the Siebel Gateway

The Siebel Gateway maintains the configuration information for all Siebel Servers in all the Siebel Enterprise Servers it manages. Loss of the Siebel Gateway due to a disk crash could bring your Siebel software to a halt while the system is restored. Similarly, the Siebel Server temporarily stores transaction files synchronized to and from Siebel Remote mobile users. The loss of these files will result in the need to re-extract the database for all affected mobile users.

It is strongly recommended that you install a redundant disk array (RAID) or some other type of redundant disk configuration on your Siebel Gateway and on those Siebel Servers that will support the Siebel Remote product. Both hardware and software RAID are options. (Siebel Remote supports synchronization of data between Siebel Mobile Web Clients and the Siebel Database Server through a dial-up connection.)

For information on implementing redundant disk arrays, see your Microsoft documentation.

A redundant disk configuration substantially reduces the risk of data loss and minimizes the difficulty of error recovery for both types of server. Refer to your hardware vendor's documentation and your operating system documentation for instructions on how to install and configure a redundant disk array.

 Siebel Server Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 
 Published: 25 June 2003