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What Is Siebel Tools?

Siebel Tools is an integrated environment for configuring all aspects of a Siebel application so a single configuration can be:

Siebel Tools is not a programming environment; it is a declarative application configuration tool. Standard Siebel applications provide a core set of object definitions that you can use as a basis for your tailored application. Using Siebel Tools and other configuration tools that are part of a Siebel solution, Siebel application developers, system administrators, and database administrators can customize a standard Siebel application without modifying source code or SQL. Some of the configuration tools are accessed through the Siebel applications. Siebel Tools, however, is a separate product with its own user interface.

Navigation in Siebel Tools is done mainly in two windows:

The Object Explorer employs a hierarchical tree-structure user interface (similar to that of the Microsoft Windows Explorer) to allow you to browse the object types that are stored in the Siebel Repository.

Other Siebel Tools windows, like the Object List Editor and Properties windows, show you detail about individual objects in the Siebel repository.

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 Published: 20 October 2003