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Siebel Wireless XSL Stylesheet File Overview

In addition to the wireless templates, the siebsrvr/WEBTMPL directory also contains a series of XSL stylesheets used to render Siebel Wireless requests in HTML through the Siebel XML Web Interface. These XSL stylesheets are applied to wireless requests which have been identified to be XML requests, through the process described in Installing Siebel Wireless.

The XSL stylesheets also have names that begin with SWLS, and each stylesheet ends with the suffix .xsl. Like the wireless template files, these XSL stylesheets can be edited using any standard text editor. Table 10 shows the XSL stylesheet files.

Table 10.  XSL Stylesheets Descriptions
Template Filename
Login page
Main Menu page
Display page
Detail page
Edit, search, update, and data submit page
Error display page
Pick applet page
Association applet page

Particular XSL stylesheets are referenced in wireless template files using the swe:xsl-stylesheet tag. For example:

<swe:xsl-stylesheet name=SWLSLogin.xsl mode=process/>

Including this tag in a wireless template file results in the SWLSLogin.xsl stylesheet being applied to all Siebel Wireless applets and views that are associated with that template, assuming that the XML Web Interface is used to handle the request. Conditional tags can be used to apply variant XSL stylesheets (for example, for other markup languages such as cHTML), if these additional XSL stylesheets are maintained within the Siebel software.

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 Published: 09 September 2004