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Modifying Credit Card Charges

Credit card charges can be modified in your Siebel application by call center or sales professionals. This is done in the Order Entry - Payment View (Sales).

Cardholder information is displayed, as well as the fields listed in Table 16.

Table 16. Field Description Table
Order total.
Transaction Amount
Amount that is sent with the call to CyberSource.
Payment Status
This field is editable.
Authorization Code
Authorization code returned by CyberSource. This field is editable as it is used for both verbal authorizations and automatic authorizations. When an authorization code is entered manually, authorization is not reevaluated by CyberSource.
The Credit Management group sets the authorization code based on conversations with the customers' bank.
Transaction Time
Set each time a transaction occurs.
Transaction Type
Any payment method, such as a refund or charge.
Transaction Message
Displays messages that are set in the Create Order on Web user properties for the Credit Card business service.
Card Verification #
The number that is printed (not embossed) on the back of a credit card and used to reduce credit-card fraud. This number is not displayed.

The modifications allowed to credit card charges are the following:

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 Published: 18 April 2003