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The Siebel eSales Web Site

When customers log in to a Siebel eSales Web site they see a home page like that in Figure 1. The home page provides an overview of the Web site and displays the accessible catalogs, auctions (if using the optional Siebel eAuction module), and recommended products. Registered users can also access their account information.

Figure 1. Siebel eSales Home Page

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The Web site uses the templates provided with Siebel customer applications. One use of these templates is to create portal pages to which you can add text as well as links to HTML pages and documents. Portal pages are useful for displaying marketing collateral, news articles, group news, financial information, press releases, and other kinds of unstructured content.

For information on customizing Web pages, see Siebel Tools Reference.

Customers link to other pages by clicking tabs or hyperlinks on the home page. The following pages display more detailed information:

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 Published: 18 April 2003