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Using Siebel Personalization

Siebel Personalization enhances your Siebel eSales Web site by showing to customers information that is specific to their profile, interests, and history. Personalized content includes greeting users by name, presenting them with content targeted to their needs and interests, showing them recommended products, and sending email messages addressed to them.

Siebel Personalization allows you to define rules to show and hide content dynamically during a user's experience with Siebel eSales.

Personalization deployment rules can depend on data such as users' personal profile information, date ranges, their company, products or services they have already purchased, or geographical information. User data can also be captured dynamically while the customer is browsing the Siebel eSales Web site.

The home page in Siebel eSales includes the salutation in the upper left corner, as shown in Figure 1. This typically includes a personal greeting, but can be configured to provide targeted content such as product promotions, announcements, birthday greetings, and service request update notifications. The home page also contains a personalized list of recommended items.

Conditional expressions can be used to hide applets under certain conditions. The applets listed in Table 3 are hidden depending on the application, the type of user, and whether the applets have any records in them.

Table 3. Applets That Can Be Hidden
Effect of Conditional Expression
My Company Applet (eSales)
My Account
Hides corporate purchase information from customers who are not B2B power users (that is, do not have Web Purchasing Manager or Web Delegated Customer Administrator responsibility)
Quote Empty Form Applet (eSales)
Shopping Cart
Shows Empty form when Shopping Cart is empty
Quote Form Applet - Current (eSales)
Shopping Cart
Hides Shopping Cart header form when Shopping Cart is empty
Quote Item List Applet (eSales)
Shopping Cart
Hides Shopping Cart when empty
Recommended Product List Applet (eSales)
Home Page, Shopping Cart
Hides Recommended Products applet from Siebel eEvents and Siebel eTraining users

Personalization is principally managed using the Personalization Administration screen in your Siebel application. For information about administering personalization, see Personalization Administration Guide.

 Siebel eSales Administration Guide 
 Published: 18 April 2003