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Typographic Conventions

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Quick Reference: Methods and Properties

Array Methods

Buffer Methods

Character Classification Methods

Conversion or Casting Methods

Data Handling Methods

Date and Time Functions

Disk and File Functions

Disk and Directory Functions

File Control Functions

File-Manipulation Functions

Error Handling Methods

Math Methods

Numeric Functions

Trigonometric Functions

Math Properties

Operating System Interaction Methods

String and Byte-Array Methods

Miscellaneous Methods

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Siebel eScript Language Overview

Siebel eScript Programming Guidelines

Basic Siebel eScript Concepts

Case Sensitivity

White-Space Characters


Expressions, Statements, and Blocks



Data Types

Primitive Data Types

Composite Data Types

Special Data Types

Number Constants

Automatic Type Conversion

Properties and Methods of Basic Data Types



Mathematical Operators

Bit Operators

Logical Operators and Conditional Expressions

Typeof Operator

Conditional Operator

String Concatenation Operator


Function Scope

Passing Variables to Functions

The Function Arguments[] Property

Function Recursion

Error Checking for Functions

eScript Statements

break Statement

continue Statement

do...while Statement

for Statement Statement

goto Statement

if Statement

switch Statement

throw Statement

try Statement

while Statement

with Statement

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Siebel eScript Commands

Applet Objects

The Application Object

Array Objects

The Array Constructor

join() Method

length Property

reverse() Method

sort() Method

BLOB Objects

The blobDescriptor Object

Blob.get() Method

Blob.put() Method

Blob.size() Method

Buffer Objects

The Buffer Constructor



bigEndian Property

cursor Property

data Property

getString() Method

getValue() Method

offset[] Method

putString() Method

putValue() Method

size Property

subBuffer() Method

toString() Method

unicode Property

Business Component Objects

Business Object Objects

Business Service Objects

The Clib Object

Redundant Functions in the Clib Object

File I/O Functions

The Time Object

Time Functions

Character Classification

Formatting Data

Clib.asctime() Method

Clib.bsearch() Method

Clib.chdir() Method

Clib.clearerr() Method

Clib.clock() Method

Clib.cosh() Method

Clib.ctime() Method

Clib.difftime() Method

Clib.div() Method and Clib.ldiv() Method

Clib.errno Property

Clib.fclose() Method

Clib.feof() Method

Clib.ferror() Method

Clib.fflush() Method

Clib.fgetc() Method and Clib.getc() Method

Clib.fgetpos() Method

Clib.fgets() Method

Clib.flock() Method

Clib.fopen() Method

Clib.fprintf() Method

Clib.fputc() Method and Clib.putc() Method

Clib.fputs() Method

Clib.fread() Method

Clib.freopen() Method

Clib.frexp() Method

Clib.fscanf() Method

Clib.fseek() Method

Clib.fsetpos() Method

Clib.ftell() Method

Clib.fwrite() Method

Clib.getcwd() Method

Clib.getenv() Method

Clib.gmtime() Method

Clib.isalnum() Method

Clib.isalpha() Method

Clib.isascii() Method

Clib.iscntrl() Method

Clib.isdigit() Method

Clib.isgraph() Method

Clib.islower() Method

Clib.isprint() Method

Clib.ispunct() Method

Clib.isspace() Method

Clib.isupper() Method

Clib.isxdigit() Method

Clib.ldexp() Method

Clib.localtime() Method

Clib.memchr() Method

Clib.memcmp() Method

Clib.memcpy() Method and Clib.memmove() Method

Clib.memset() Method

Clib.mkdir() Method

Clib.mktime() Method

Clib.modf() Method

Clib.perror() Method

Clib.putenv() Method

Clib.qsort() Method

quot Method

Clib.rand() Method

rem Method

Clib.remove() Method

Clib.rename() Method

Clib.rewind() Method

Clib.rmdir() Method

Clib.rsprintf() Method

Clib.sinh() Method

Clib.sprintf() Method

Clib.srand() Method

Clib.sscanf() Method

Clib.strchr() Method

Clib.stricmp() Method and Clib.strcmpi() Method

Clib.strcspn() Method

Clib.strerror() Method

Clib.strftime() Method

Clib.strlwr() Method

Clib.strncat() Method

Clib.strncmp() Method

Clib.strncmpi() Method and Clib.strnicmp() Method

Clib.strncpy() Method

Clib.strpbrk() Method

Clib.strrchr() Method

Clib.strspn() Method

Clib.strstr() Method

Clib.strstri() Method

Clib.system() Method

Clib.tanh() Method

Clib.time() Method

Clib.tmpfile() Method

Clib.tmpnam() Method

Clib.toascii() Method


The Date Object

The Date Constructor

Universal Time Functions

GetDate() Method

Date.fromSystem() Static Method

getDay() Method

getFullYear() Method

getHours() Method

getMilliseconds() Method

getMinutes() Method

getMonth() Method

getSeconds() Method

getTime() Method

getTimezoneOffset() Method

getUTCDate() Method

getUTCDay() Method

getUTCFullYear() Method

getUTCHours() Method

getUTCMilliseconds() Method

getUTCMinutes() Method

getUTCMonth() Method

getUTCSeconds() Method

getYear() Method

Date.parse() Static Method

setDate() Method

setFullYear() Method

setHours() Method

setMilliseconds() Method

setMinutes() Method

setMonth() Method

setSeconds() Method

setTime() Method

setUTCDate() Method

setUTCFullYear() Method

setUTCHours() Method

setUTCMilliseconds() Method

setUTCMinutes() Method

setUTCMonth() Method

setUTCSeconds() Method

setYear() Method

toGMTString() Method

toLocaleString() Method and toString() Method

Date.toSystem() Method

toUTCString() Method

Date.UTC() Static Method

The Exception Object

Function Objects

The Global Object

Global Functions Unique to Siebel eScript

Conversion or Casting Functions

COMCreateObject() Method

CORBACreateObject() Method

defined() Method

escape() Method

eval() Method

getArrayLength() Method

isNaN() Method

isFinite() Method

parseFloat() Method

parseInt() Method

setArrayLength() Method

ToBoolean() Method

ToBuffer() Method

ToBytes() Method

ToInt32() Method

ToInteger() Method

ToNumber() Method

ToObject() Method

ToString() Method

ToUint16() Method

ToUint32() Method

undefine() Method

unescape(string) Method

The Math Object

Math.abs() Method

Math.acos() Method

Math.asin() Method

Math.atan() Method

Math.atan2() Method

Math.ceil() Method

Math.cos() Method

Math.E Property

Math.exp() Method

Math.floor() Method

Math.LN10 Property

Math.LN2 Property

Math.log() Method

Math.LOG2E Property

Math.LOG10E Property

Math.max() Method

Math.min() Method

Math.PI Property

Math.pow() Method

Math.random() Method

Math.round() Method

Math.sin() Method

Math.sqrt() Method

Math.SQRT1_2 Property

Math.SQRT2 Property

Math.tan() Method

User-Defined Objects

Predefining Objects with Constructor Functions

Assigning Functions to Objects

Object Prototypes

Property Set Objects

The SElib Object

String Objects

The String as Data Type

Escape Sequences for Characters

Single Quote Strings

Back-Quote Strings

The String as Object

charAt() Method

String.fromCharCode() Static Method

indexOf() Method

lastIndexOf() Method

length Property

split() Method

string.replace() Method

substring() Method

toLowerCase() Method

toUpperCase() Method

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 Siebel eScript Language Reference 
 Published: 18 April 2003