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Oracle® Universal Content Management
10g Release 4 (10.1.4)
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Getting Started With Contributor

Site Studio Contributor provides numerous options for editing the web pages of your Web site. It offers an editing environment that looks a lot like a word-processing application and provides most of the commonly used word-processing functions. You can write text, format it, add images, create tables, and much more.

The available options may vary from one web page to another, and from one Web site to another, depending on how the site designer set up the site. Working in Contributor, you might be working in one or several editing areas, each one used to add and edit bits of content. The available editing options in each area may vary as well, depending on what the site designer made available.


By default, the editor used with Site Studio Contributor is based on FCKeditor. This guide assumes the use of this default editor. Your content server administrator may have chosen to set up an alternative editor, such as Ephox. If that is the case, your editing environment may look slightly different than shown in this guide. Also, there may be minor differences in the editing experience (for example, some editing features may not be available or work slightly differently). See Ephox Editor Toolbars for an explanation of the toolbars available in the Ephox editor.

This section covers the following topics:

Further information regarding specific areas of editing can be found in following sections: