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Oracle® Universal Content Management
10g Release 4 (10.1.4)
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Contribution Toolbar

The contribution toolbar is provided at the top of the Contributor editor window (see Contributor Editor Window). It provides a set of functions that apply to contribution regions as a whole.

Contribution Toolbar

Contributor toolbar

Each toolbar option is described below:

Toolbar Option Description
Save icon
Saves changes and updates the web page.
Preview icon
Previews the content as it will appear in a web browser.
Reset icon
Removes the changes made since you last clicked the save icon.
Report icon
Opens a report that you can use to see where this data file is used on the Web site (and other sites in the content server). See Working With Site Reports for more information.
Differences icon
Opens a browser window that shows the differences between the unsaved version of the data file you are working on and the saved one on the content server. See Comparing Different Versions of a Web Page for more information.