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Oracle® Universal Content Management
10g Release 4 (10.1.4)
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Element Editing Areas

The Contributor editor window (see Contributor Editor Window) has one or more editing areas, one for each element in the data file associated with the current contribution region on the web page (or more specifically, its display definition) (see Figure). Please note that the Contributor editor may show more editable data elements than are actually displayed in the contribution region being edited. This is because the current display definition for the contribution region may have been set up to use only a portion of the data file associated with it. The other information may be used elsewhere on the Web site, so editing that information may affect other pages on the site.

Element Editing Area (Expanded)

Description of Figure follows
Description of Element Editing Area (Expanded)

Each editing area has the element title at the top, one or more toolbars (see Element Toolbars), and the content area (where you type in your text and format your document). Each separate element in the contributor data file has its own editing area. If there is a red ball in the top-right corner of an editing area (Figure), then the site designer has marked this element as required, which means that the editable contribution region must have associated content (that is, it cannot be empty).

Required Element Marker

Required Element marker

If you hover your mouse cursor over the element title, a tooltip appears which shows additional information about the element, as specified by the site designer (if available).

You can use the plus or minus symbol next to the element title to expand or collapse its editing area (Figure).

Element Editing Area (Collapsed)

Description of Figure follows
Description of Element Editing Area (Collapsed)

You can also use the resize handle symbol below an editing area (Figure) and drag it to change the height of the area.

Resize Handle Symbol

Resize drag handler symbol

You can navigate and work with the contents of an editing area in much the same way as in most other text editors using the customary key combinations and mouse movements. Each editing area also has one or more toolbars (see Element Toolbars). In addition, you can use your right mouse button in the editing area to see a menu of context-specific options.