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Oracle® Universal Content Management Web Parts User Guide
Release 10gR3
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Managing Workflows

A workflow specifies how content is routed for review and approval before it is released to the system. Users are notified by e-mail when they have a file in the workflow to review. Each workflow can include multiple review and notification steps, and multiple reviewers can be assigned to approve or reject the file at each step. For each step in a workflow, a set of users and a step type must be defined.

Use this procedure to view your workflow assignments and take action on the assignments, if needed:

  1. Click the plus sign (+) next to the Workflow Assignment icon (Figure 3-4) in the Main Navigation Tree.

    A list of content items in workflows you are responsible for reviewing is displayed.

    Figure 3-4 Workflow Assignment Icon

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    You can also click the Workflow Assignment text and a list of content items is displayed in the Search Results pane. The list in the Search Results pane contains column information about the workflow actions taken and the action date.

  2. Click the Assigned Workflow icon (Figure 3-5) to display a menu for each workflow item.

    Figure 3-5 Assigned Workflow Icon

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    The following options may appear on that menu:

    • Item Properties: Displays the Item Properties Screen where you can view metadata for the item.

    • Approve: If the item is awaiting your action, you can mark it as approved by clicking this option.

    • Reject: If the item is awaiting your action, you can reject it by clicking this option.

    • Checkin|Checkout: If the item is available to be checked in or out, you can click this option to perform the action.

    • Undo Checkout: Used to reset the item status so it is not checked out. A message is displayed indicating that the item is no longer checked out to the current user.

    • View with default viewer: Displays the Content Viewer Screen where you can view the item awaiting your action.

    • Workflow Review: Opens a login screen where you can view details about the workflow review process. After logging in to the Content Server, the Content Server Workflow Review screen is displayed.

    A Locked Item icon (Figure 3-6) indicates that the item has been checked out. It cannot proceed through the workflow review process until it has been checked in.

    Figure 3-6 Locked Item Icon

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