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Oracle® Identity Manager Administrative and User Console Guide
Release 9.1.0

Part Number E10360-03
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Part I General Features

1 Introduction to the Administrative and User Console

2 Self-Registration Using the Administrative and User Console

3 Using the Administrative and User Console

4 Managing Your Account

5 Managing Your Resources

6 Administering Requests

7 Managing Your To-Do List

8 Creating and Managing Users

9 Creating and Managing Organizations

10 Creating and Managing User Groups

11 Creating and Managing Access Policies

12 Working with Resources

13 Using the Deployment Manager

14 Working with Reports

15 Working with the Attestation Feature

16 Working with the Diagnostic Dashboard

Part II Integration Solutions Features

17 Installing Predefined Connectors

18 Configuring Connectors for Installation and Testing

19 Introduction to Generic Technology Connectors

20 Predefined Generic Technology Connector Providers Shipped with Oracle Identity Manager

21 Creating Custom Providers for Generic Technology Connectors

22 Creating Generic Technology Connectors

23 Managing Generic Technology Connectors

24 Best Practices for Creating and Using Generic Technology Connectors

25 Troubleshooting Generic Technology Connector Errors

26 Known Issues of Generic Technology Connectors

27 Using Oracle Identity Manager As a Target System for Provisioning Operations

28 Connector Objects Created by the Generic Technology Connector Framework

Part III Appendixes

A System Configuration Considerations for Administrators