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Oracle® BPEL Process Manager Administrator's Guide
10g (

Part Number B28982-03
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1 Oracle BPEL Process Manager Security

1.1 Security Overview
1.1.1 WS-Security
1.1.2 Authentication
1.1.3 Authorization
1.1.4 Encryption and Decryption
1.1.5 Secure Socket Layer
1.1.6 Digital Signatures for Integrity and Nonrepudiation
1.1.7 BPEL Security Extensions
1.2 Securing BPEL Processes (Inbound)
1.2.1 Using SSL for Certificate-Based Authentication Oracle BPEL Process Manager for OracleAS Middle Tier Oracle BPEL Process Manager for Developers
1.2.2 Using J2EE Basic Authentication Oracle BPEL Process Manager for OracleAS Middle Tier Oracle BPEL Process Manager for Developers
1.2.3 Using the Native BPEL Security Extensions Domain and Process Level Security Java API HTTP Binding SOAP over HTTP Binding
1.3 Invoking Secured Services (Outbound)
1.3.1 Using SSL for Certificate-Based Authentication Oracle JDeveloper Design Time Oracle BPEL Server Runtime
1.3.2 WS-Security-Compliant Services SOAP Binding
1.3.3 Axis Services with Custom Authentication Handlers
1.3.4 J2EE Basic Authentication Protected Services (HTTP) HTTP Basic Authentication ( HTTP Binding (10.1.3)
1.3.5 Java and EJB Binding (10.1.3)
1.4 Oracle BPEL Control and Oracle BPEL Admin Console Users and Roles
1.4.1 Example 1: Creating New Users and Groups to Access New BPEL Domains
1.4.2 Example 2: Creating a New User to Access the Default BPEL Domain
1.4.3 Example 3: Creating a New User to Access All BPEL Domains
1.5 Default and Custom Validators
1.5.1 Using the Default Validator
1.5.2 Creating a Custom Validator
1.6 Invoking a Partner Web Service through a Proxy Server
1.7 Using Oracle Web Services Manager for Authorization, Message Encryption, and Digital Signatures
1.7.1 Authorization
1.7.2 Message Encryption and Decryption
1.7.3 Digital Signatures
1.8 Summary

2 Service Configuration

2.1 Configuring the Identity Service
2.1.1 Structure of the Identity Service Configuration File provider Element connection Element userControls and roleControls Elements
2.1.2 Configuration for the XML-Based JAZN Provider
2.1.3 Configuring Identity Service with 10.1.2 Oracle Internet Directory Task 1: Perform Preconfiguration Procedures Task 2: Perform Configuration Procedures Step 3: Test the Oracle Internet Directory Configuration Task 4: Configure the Middle Tier to use the LDAP-based JAZN provider with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Troubleshooting Reverting from Oracle Internet Directory to the XML-Based JAZN Provider
2.1.4 Configuration for a Third-Party LDAP Server
2.1.5 Configuration for Custom Identity Repository Plug-ins
2.1.6 Setting Up Group Ownership Defining Group Ownership for JAZN XML-Based Providers Defining Group Ownership for JAZN Oracle Internet Directory-Based and LDAP-Based Providers
2.2 Configuring the Notification Services
2.2.1 Configuring the E-mail Server Example ns_emails.xml File
2.2.2 Configuring the Wireless Provider for Voice Example ns_iaswconfig.xml File
2.2.3 Configuring the Wireless Provider for SMS
2.2.4 Configuring the Wireless Provider for Fax Configuring the Fax Cover Page
2.2.5 Configuring the Wireless Provider for Pager
2.2.6 Configuring the Pluggable Notification Service Pluggable Notification Service Implementation Pluggable Notification Service Registration
2.3 Configuring the Workflow Service
2.3.1 taskAutoReleaseConfigurations
2.3.2 worklistApplicationURL
2.3.3 actionableEmailAccountName
2.3.4 pushbackAssignee
2.3.5 assigneeDelimiter
2.3.6 shortHistoryActions
2.3.7 workflowServiceSessionTimeoutInMinutes
2.3.8 user:ruleRepositoryInfo
2.4 Integrating Oracle BPEL Process Manager with the Oracle Application Server Service Registry
2.4.1 Task 1: Installing the Oracle Application Server SOA Suite and OracleAS Service Registry
2.4.2 Task 2: Deploying Web Services
2.4.3 Task 3: Publishing a Service and Adding Bindings
2.4.4 Task 4: Specifying the Registry Service Inquiry URL in Oracle BPEL Control
2.4.5 Task 5: Creating a Connection to the UDDI Registry
2.4.6 Task 6: Configuring the RapidDistributors Partner Link
2.4.7 Task 7: Specifying the OracleAS Service Registry Service Key
2.4.8 Task 8: Securing the Client with Basic Authentication (Optional)
2.4.9 Troubleshooting
2.5 Summary

3  Creating a Custom Identity Service Plug-in

3.1 Creating a Custom Identity Service Plug-in
3.1.1 Description of Oracle BPEL Process Manager Interfaces
3.1.2 Implementing the Identity Service Plug-in
3.1.3 Specifying the Service Factory Methods
3.1.4 Specifying the Provider Configuration
3.1.5 Implementing the BPMProvider Interface
3.1.6 Deploying the Identity Service Plug-in
3.1.7 Registering and Configuring the Identity Service for the Custom Plug-in
3.1.8 Creating Users and Groups
3.2 Summary

4 Configuring and Viewing BPEL Process Logs

4.1 Logging Overview
4.2 Domain Level Logging
4.3 System Level Logging
4.4 System and Domain Level Logging Examples
4.4.1 Example 1: Process Invokes an External Web Service
4.4.2 Example 2: Java Class Invoked through WSIF Binding
4.4.3 Example 3: Process Invokes an Asynchronous Service
4.4.4 Example 4: Process Sends a Notification
4.5 Logging with Sensors
4.6 Logging with bpelx:exec in a Java Embedding Activity
4.7 Summary

A Demo User Community

A.1 Setting Up JAZN Demo Users
A.1.1 Demo Users and Roles
A.1.2 Using the Demo User Community in the Order Booking Tutorial
A.2 Summary