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Oracle Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite User's Guide
Release 4.0
Part Number E18710-01
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Supported File Types in Customization Manager

Supported File Types

The following table lists the supported file types in Customization Manager. You can include files of only these types in your custom packages. The Object Action column lists the action that AutoPatch performs on files of the given type.

File Type Name Source Extension Description Object Action
fmb fmb Oracle Forms copy and genform
prt prt Oracle Reports driver copy
rdf rdf Oracle Reports copy and genrep
pld (Forms) pld Forms Library compile to pll; copy and genfpll
pld (Reports) pld Reports Library compile to pll; copy and genrpll
pdf pdf document file (Portable Document Format (PDF) copy
pdf pdf XMLP PDF notrans copy and load using XDOLoader
xls xls Microsoft Excel file copy
mmb mmb menu file copy
java java Java file compile and deploy under $JAVA_TOP
zip zip zipped file copy
class class Java class file copy
jpg jpg JPEG image file copy
bmp bmp bitmap image file copy
dbc dbc file used for database connection copy
doc doc Microsoft Word document file copy
dot dot Microsoft Word template file copy
drv drv driver file copy
fmx fmx compiled form copy
software htm htm Hypertext Markup Language copy
html html Hypertext Markup Language copy
odf odf object definition file copy
pkh pkh package header copy and execute as APPS
plb plb package body copy
RTF File rtf rich text format copy
XMLP RTF notrans rtf   copy and load using XDOLoader
sql sql SQL script (copy only) copy
wft wft Workflow Text copy and upload using WFLOAD
xml xml Extensible Markup Language file copy
dll dll dynamic link library copy
mmx mmx a kind of menu file copy
sym sym always accompanies a dll copy
tif tif image file (Tagged Image File Format) copy
sh sh Bourne or Korn shell script copy
jlt jlt Java Loader Text - used by copy
eex eex Oracle Discoverer copy
dis dis Discoverer Export copy
lct lct Application Object Library Generic Loader control file copy
software ldt ldt used in software patches copy and upload using FNDLOAD
sqlj sqlj SQLJ file copy
ini ini Java Parameter File copy
xsl (non-dbdrv) xsl XML Style Sheets (not used in database driver) copy
create_view sql Create or Replace View Script copy and execute as APPS
create_trigger sql Create or Replace Trigger Script copy and execute as APPS
create_type sql Create or Replace Type Script copy and execute as APPS
create_index sql Create Index Script copy and execute as APPS
seed_data sql Custom Seeded Data SQL script copy and execute as APPS
create_synonym sql Create View Synonym Script copy and execute as APPS
jsp jsp Java server page copy
res res resource file to store WF messages and used by WF Resource Generator copy
ps ps Postscript Pages copy
properties properties Java Property Class copy
pll (Forms) pll compiled Forms library copy and run genfpll
pll (Reports) pll compiled Reports library copy and run genrpll
ogd ogd Oracle Graphics copy
env env environment file copy
js js Javascript file copy
rpt rpt Oracle Reports file copy
jar jar Java archive file copy
Pls pls PL/SQL package specification copy and execute as APPS
Pks pks PL/SQL package specification copy and execute as APPS
so so UNIX shared library copy
Jpx jpx BC4J Substitution copy
vsd vsd source file for gif files used in translations copy
dtd dtd XML Document Type Definition copy
xss xss Extensible Style Sheet definition copy
wbmp wbmp bitmap file for wireless devices copy
xgm xgm XML Gateway Mapping file copy
xgd xgd XML Gateway Data definition file copy
pl pl Perl Scripts copy
pm pm Perl Modules copy
drvx drvx database driver exception file copy
pkb pkb package body copy and execute as APPS
software css css used in software patches copy
mac mac   copy
cfg cfg configuration file copy
txt txt plain text file copy
uix uix user interface XML copy
hct hct HRMS fast formula loader control file copy
hdt hdt HRMS fast formula loader data file copy
pdt pdt HRMS legislative loader data file copy
wfx wfx Workflow XML loader files copy
csv csv file from which user-needed data is imported copy
ear ear an EJB .jar archive with .xml contents in the META-INF copy
xdf xdf XML files containing object definitions copy and execute using FNDXDFCMP
JRAD/MDS File xml JRAD Files are xml extensions. These extensions should be used for Oracle Application Framework objects under the mds directory. copy and load using XMLImporter
xlf xlf XLF files are generated from xml files copy
document gif gif used in document patches; image files copy
document htm htm used in document patches; HTML files copy
document ldt ldt used in document patches; navigation library files copy and upload using FNDLOAD
document css css used in document patches; cascading stylesheet file copy and execute using FNDGFU
tld tld tag library definition file copy
xsd xsd XML Schema provides a means for defining the structure of XML documents copy
XMLP XSL notrans xsl XML Publisher (XDO) non-translatable XSL templates copy
interface ldt n Interface Repository loader file copy
XMLP RTF template rtf XML Publisher (XDO) translatable templates copy
XMLP xlf xlf xlf files generated from translatable XMLP templates copy
xdf(AW) xlf xlf Analytic Workspaces XML files containing object definitions copy
pkh (no n) pkh package definition copy
wsdl wsdl Web Services Description Language File copy
XMLP RTF notrans rtf XML Publisher (XDO) non-translatable RTF templates (recommended) copy
XMLP PDF notrans pdf XML Publisher (XDO) PDF templates copy
XMLP XML notrans xml XML Publisher (XDO) non-translatable XML templates copy
XMLP XSD notrans xsd XML Publisher (XDO) non-translatable XML templates copy
jspx jspx JSP document copy
java_lib jar Java library (for compilation only) Use jar only for compiling; jar is not included into the patch
package_spec sql package specification copy and execute as APPS
package_body sql package body copy and execute as APPS
create_table sql Create Table Script copy and execute as APPS
alter_table sql Alter Table Script copy and execute as APPS
create_sequence sql Create Sequence Script copy and execute as APPS
alter_sequence sql Alter Sequence Script copy and execute as APPS
create_table_owner sql Create Table Schema Owner Script copy and execute as schema owner
alter_table_owner sql Alter Table Owner Script (run as schema owner) copy and execute as schema owner
create_index_owner sql Create Index Owner Script copy and execute as schema owner
sql_owner sql Generic SQL Owner Script (copy only) copy and execute as schema owner
create_view_owner sql Create View Owner Script copy and execute as schema owner
create_synonym_owner sql Create Synonym Owner Script copy and execute as schema owner
plx plx Oracle Forms library file executable copy
dat dat   copy
ico ico icon file copy
dmp dmp   copy
exp exp copy
fdo fdo copy
frm frm copy
hlp hlp help file copy
inc inc copy
inp inp copy
msb msb Message Dictionary file copy
obd obd online help file copy
cmd cmd NT Command File copy
csh csh shell script file copy
dbt dbt database text file copy
def def copy
flt flt copy
fmt fmt Oracle Forms form source text file copy
fpp fpp copy
fxp fxp copy
imp imp copy
mk mk make file copy
mmt mmt menu text file copy
pc pc Pro*C program copy
Scr scr script file generated by the Oracle Scripting Script Builder" tool" copy
MSI xml Manual Step File copy
ttf ttf TrueType font definition file copy
conf conf configuration file to be released along the product copy
mdl mdl text file created by Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) metadata loader file for data import copy
thtml thtml template toolkit for ISD copy
uit uit custom renderer for the FWK header component copy
mif mif XML file that contains schematic information about graphical representation of the structure (RMIM) copy
coremif coremif XML file that contains schematic information about graphical representation of the structure (RMIM) copy
xcfg xcfg ADF XML configuration file copy
rts rts resource bundle file for java related tool is Tecate copy
x2h x2h X2h format file for ISD copy
ppp ppp copy
tag tag copy
ora ora Net8 configuration files (listener.ora, tnsnames.ora) copy
inf inf used for applying updates to windows registry copy
app app used to configure the apache single listener (modplsql) copy
tcl tcl TCL scripts called by Oracle Enterprise Manager's Intelligent Agent for hosted Exchange products copy
fdi fdi copy
clx clx spell-checking dictionary file in compressed lexicon format copy
tlx tlx spell-checking dictionary file in text lexicon format copy
Z Z Adaptive Lempel-Ziv compressed file copy
tpl tpl template files copy
amx amx standard XML file copy
ftg ftg copy
rlt rlt copy
ctl ctl SQL*Loader file copy
rsp rsp Rapid Install response file copy
prc prc Palm Pilot application file copy
odb odb Oracle Lite database file required from Mobile Applications copy
llt llt copy
software gif gif image file (Graphics Interchange Format) copy
msg msg FND Message Loader Text copy
OAF Component java Oracle Application Framework customizations compile and deploy under $JAVA_TOP

Recommended Locations for Common File Types

The following table lists recommended locations for some commonly-used file types.

File Types Description Recommended destination path (relative to product top)
sql, package_spec,package_body, create_table, alter_table, create_sequence,alter_sequence,create_view,create_trigger, create_type create_index,seed_data,create_synonym,pkh,plb,pls,pkb, create_table_owner,alter_table_owner,create_index_owner, sql_owner,create_view_owner ,create_synonym_owner SQL, PL/SQL files patch/115/sql
software ldt All Generic Loader (FNDLOAD) files patch/115/import/<LANG>; for example, 'patch/115/import/US'
sh Shell script bin
xdf XDF file patch/115/xdf
pl Perl script bin
fmb Forms forms/<LANG>; for example, forms/US
rdf Report reports/<LANG>; for example, reports/US
html,xsl,xss,css HTML and style sheets html
jsp JSP html
XML Publisher templates XML Publisher templates patch/115/publisher/templates
java Java files java/<package path>; for example, java/test for the file oracle/apps/newprod/test/
JRAD/MDS file Oracle Application Framework-related XML files mds/<path>
gif Image files media
pm Perl module perl/<path>

Execution Sequence of SQL File Types

The following table lists the execution sequence of SQL file types.

File Type Description Order Of Execution
create_sequence Create sequence script 1
create_table Create table script 2
create_table_owner Create table in custom schema 2
alter_table Alter table script 3
alter_sequence Alter sequence script 3
alter_table_owner Alter table in custom schema 3
create_type Create or replace type script 4
package_spec Package specification 5
create_view Create or replace view script 6
create_synonym Create view synonym script 6
create_view_owner Create view in custom schema 6
create_synonym_owner Create synonym in custom schema 6
package_body Package body 7
seed_data Custom seeded data SQL script 8
create_index Create index script 9
create_index_owner Create index in custom schema 9
create_trigger Create or replace trigger script 10
sql Generic 11
sql_owner Run SQL in custom schema 11

For example, the type create_sequence will execute before the type create_table or create_table_owner. The types create_table/create_table_owner will execute in parallel before the types alter_table/alter_sequence/alter_table_owner.