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Oracle Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite User's Guide
Release 4.0
Part Number E18710-01
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Oracle Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite User's Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite

Change Management Dashboard
Setting Up Credentials
Creating Roles
Notifications Setup
Change Approval Framework
Diagnostic Tests

Patch Manager

Diagnostic Tests for Patch Manager
Patch Manager Home
Patching Procedures
Searching for a Patch Run
Running a Patching Procedure
Copying a Patch Run
Viewing a Patch Run
Extending Patch Manager Deployment
Logging, Health Checks, and Troubleshooting

Customization Manager

Major Features and Definitions
Applications Standards Validation
Uploading Existing Custom Patches
Automatic File Driver File Generation and Update
Change Approval in Customization Manager
Diagnostic Tests for Customization Manager
Customization Manager Main Page
Registering File Source Mapping
Example of a File Source Mapping with Parameters
E-Business Suite Mapping
Creating a Package
Updating a Package
Saving a Package
Searching for a Package
Viewing Package Details
Package Reports
Creating a Report
Viewing a Report
Searching for a Report
Releasing and Sharing a Package
Maintaining the File Metadata Repository
Managing Custom Applications
Known Limitations

Setup Manager

Major Features and Definitions
Diagnostic Tests for Setup Manager
Searching for a Project
Creating a Project
Creating an Extract Task
Adding a Transform to a Project Plan
Creating a Load Task
Creating a Report Task
Creating a Comparison Report Task
Editing Task Prerequisites
Reviewing a Project
Managing Uploaded Extracts
Managing Attachments
Viewing a Project
Executing a Project
Change Approval in Setup Manager
Viewing Project Executions
Managing Transforms and Templates
Searching for a Transform
Generating and Regenerating a Template
Updating a Transform
Example of Editing a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for Transformation
Downloading a Transform
Freezing a Transform
Discovering Interface Metadata
Managing Interfaces
Updating Interface Dependencies
Updating Dependent Interfaces
Defining an Attribute Mapping

Supported File Types in Customization Manager

Supported File Types
Recommended Locations for Common File Types
Execution Sequence of SQL File Types

Customization Manager Coding Standards

Customization Manager Coding Standards